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United StatesTitle:charp,Content:Charp is like to all,even unlike but valuable charp is liked and like,who's unlike charp_even if that's true__think he/she is valueless and weightless for religion,>if religion can't curious_must he/she have news,,maybe that after/before....,maybe u hate me_but acceptable, close to me....more more hmhmhm....oo really love u,after few days strat a song__ogo kokhono bidai Bolona_after few days_shutup_what's the hell are u and talking about,I'm wrong,goodbye,I'm in love an others person,many many love and friend,image of sex,u r nothing, after many years abruptly listen_that man_evarytime try to kill and destroy__just that lady and their family,but also they are parents,with family,and Muslim,,anyway__they are so small,few in this society because they are the dishonest, _socially and religeonally, This kind of lady is so dirty,4-4-2009__Joha nickummotjoha

prediction to Islam
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