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United StatesTitle:to their 3,Content:When u see,know,maybe then so late,far_world life,that means finished,,as u do for me to destroy_I knows, image with curious because I'm steel of your's memory, thanks to your's because memory of your's is so active (optionally),your's remind me and creates action to destroy must with death and fully image with curious,but's, Without relation,love,social, shame, Islam,obedient,honest, confidence,option etc etc,now question_who u/urs, Ooooooooo hmhmhmhhhm mobile internet user/subscribers,, Don't know what's urs religion, but must need to real,so should be think to definate religion and must follow that,just Islam is real, We ignore, hate them,who is the musk of Islam, No need talking to free_reason for that_if that false,, > tume jeitai bolo,konta dhakte sheita bolso,jeitai bolo, >makesure confident option satisfaction with religion honest, without love this world,example_prostetiut, love is others,_true just Islam_plz don't hypocrisy, _Joha nickummotjoha,hmhmhmhm

prediction to Islam
সম্মোহিত চিত্তে কি যেন
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