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United StatesTitle:last word,Content:When ema and family finished their secret mission to kill and they are success,, They advertising to everywhere_he died for us,Ema already involved with prostetition and abortion even hypocrisy as like bijli,__abrupt that man alive just kind of Allah,everything's he listen and pray as they want just for world life_but none for after__finished that part,, 15years later they discuss and say,that's not matter,they believe everything's is finished, but they don't think everything's store's from creater,abrupt that man said to their,(their everything's false,because munafik)do u know me_answer of their _shet shut up_u are no body,then that man called_remember Allah and say forgive,then they called_out of knowledge,that man just said to their _doblu eich oay_they asked_wish_that man tell_OK but if u anytime tell to me even (limit _ destroy of earth)_plz listen to me then __plz plz u should don't mind I say one day justice just creater and with rosul(s:) >_shawato durer kotha dudho silona__

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