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United StatesTitle:ummotjoha,Content:Once moved,abruptly thutu,then I search_where's that Man's of nonsense quality,who through thutu,abrupt I saw a lady and 2/3 person with sex,that lady tell to me,out nonsence,religeon,honesty,look now I have many kind friend,even everythings,but u normal,After few day I remind that and sometimes think_just quality and religeon,I fell suffer sorrow and said_one day justice just creater and with rosul(s:)_otherwise_again and again they try to kill and destroy just me_everybody's not bad,maybe few kind bad,they`e involved with bad,they'e uses mask religeon,, mol,mutro,man,animals,tree,dirty,etc etc kawkei thutu Kew daina,fellew dekhe bujhe fele,without kolija just fushfush,cholsei_prostetiut ema and sex friend's,after analysis I proposed their_servent for 1 hour and for eat man's guu mut etc,because I'm not my parents, I'm ummot,_google
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