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United StatesTitle:abrupt,Content:Date_22/08/2016_abruptly two SMS,just threats,but without reason,threat for kill again and again,after two SMS_no more received and ummotjoha replay as it_don't sms,But as it is_somehow they known ummotjoha alive,any way ummotjoha post a mail to me_as it_better_u know many things,saw everything's of this web,as u do for me_I accept and apresheat,mentally suffer just hidden so need to write,I knows something of them,they are definate mask of Islam,everything's dishonesty,they told western but paralyze_move to as they say,they're amateur,parents sister brother and other's,when I known then they target_ further I can't communicate with u,thus it,smagling,hypocrisy, interest etc that's not matter for them_This is the fact of them,foolish for world and after death,
maybe I lost my sheets for puja,she is now adult,many sex friends,she  don't know,if possible u will edit her,edit and set my not book,After few days ummotjoha is going to hospital,and i received a mail from UNKNOWN,he is dead,prediction to Islam
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