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a-z গোমরেহাত নামে খ্যাত এই pesonal and religeonal ওয়েব,
vCardমৃত্যুহীন জীবনে শান্তি প্রত্যাশা সকলের,মৃত্যুহীন জীবন সকলেই পাবে,(জোহা),
United StatesTitle:to their 5,Content:,unapreshet/less/unaccept/religionless_any kind of work destroy_honest,if religeon don't supports anything_is that accept any kind of muslim society,?(just for Muslim),many mans lives in society, but different quality of their,>___have love,sex,child,like,sympathy, economy,religion_from others site_person_place,...maybe .customer of their shop,moved of their site,as salamualaikum,not a single happy moment with their_their behave,sentiment,talk,utilized just_hated,ignored,dirty, formality,is this fault,they are not industrialist_shilpopoty,king,etc,they are not >ayame jaheliya juger king,,>similar of that time<_just shop,smagling,prostetution,hypocrisy,interest and any kind of without religion, I am not rich,how expenditure ; but have way to alive<,abruptly why_after many years _just they created crossfire to me_maybe unseen < is that apresheat to all ? < >many kind of their own enjoyable place,when talk to their_fell_they are just >buua,so little,others nothing,___joha nickummotjoha,

prediction to Islam
সম্মোহিত চিত্তে কি যেন
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