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United StatesTitle:None,Content:Who's they're ????;';':;; Mysterious time__1999,don't know who's the girl,she came and act ,just close ,releted, love with me,at this time flash of their everything from me,maybe just formality with their even with hate and ignore,after few years they attracted me again and again without Islam,don't know what's fault, they can't say what's fault of, They believe anyhow//somehow released from any guilt without Islam, Without reason, without everything,their target just formality without any cost/expenditures,why??;;oneday justice just creater,with rosul (s:),who they are,always hate hate hate and ignored, Few talking at 1999,they created of their action at_2003-4-5,if they are big rich and honest with Islam,so why, I'm not rich,naogaon whole family of bijli, >(Just me)<> why _apm,dm,software-developer,farmar, business_pady with farmar,__Facebook_ummotjoha,__Google image/web, √√

prediction to Islam
সম্মোহিত চিত্তে কি যেন
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