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a-z গোমরেহাত নামে খ্যাত এই pesonal and religeonal ওয়েব,
vCardমৃত্যুহীন জীবনে শান্তি প্রত্যাশা সকলের,মৃত্যুহীন জীবন সকলেই পাবে,(জোহা),
United StatesTitle:Google search,Content:Google search_charp.wapsite.me(space) image /web,,edited_2005-2011_Facebook_ummotjoha, > Makesure confident options satisfaction with religion honesty, without love this world, example_prostetiut, Just way to relished anyhow but just life of world,religion absence from their,Lotir beta iblish captured ,turned,to a gentle man's of jahannam of their,We should must think to real,confident to everything, then we will find definate and maybe best-friend or best hated man's, Who have news just hated, ignored,dirty,gossip<,etc etc,but without relation,and after few time try to destroy continued, when the man knows it,he storck and after few time death,,who they are ?anyway the man who choice world life,I have nothing to say for their but who choice Islam,I want to say for him,patient and confidence to everything,The man who sell of their fellings,Islam,honest,don't want to see and meet because they are bad for us and Islam_> everything of us,is accept our religeon ??__Joha nickummotjoha,

prediction to Islam
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